Brian Kooser


­­­­­­­­­­­706 East Tacoma Avenue

Ellensburg, Washington 98926

(206) 769-1276




2015                MFA Sculpture

Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington

2012                BA Art, Theatre Minor

Central Washington University


Teaching Experience


2018                Grays Harbor College, Raymond Campus, Raymond Washington

Art100, Art Appreciation

Fremont Arts Council-Visiting Artist

Organized and taught volunteers the skills to create 5 “tanks” for an ensemble featuring a faux “Military Parade for the Supreme Leader”


2017                Oregon Country Fair- Projects Instructor

                        Worked art booth and instructed fairgoers in making available or invented projects.

Frequently involved creative solutions to clients’ desires.

Fremont Arts Council-Visiting Artist

                        Taught building workshops for creating flying puppets for Parade Spectacle


2012-2018       Ellensburg Downtown Association- Buskers in the Burg Arts Parade Director

Taught Design, Building and Performance techniques to volunteers culminating in an Event Spectacle Performance


2016                Central Washington University- Visiting Artist

Taught labs for building a giant puppet for Theatre. Rehearsed with performers to create the illusion of realistic movement and choreograph a giant puppet fight scene.

Fremont Arts Council- Artist in Residence

A six-week position and workshop to build and perform an ensemble for the Fremont Solstice Parade

Ellensburg Downtown Association- Spectacle/Giant Puppet making Workshop

Month long workshop for developing, designing, building and performing giant puppets for spectacle productions

Icicle Creek Center for the Arts- American Tabletop Puppetry

Taught design, building, performance and production techniques for developing adult contemporary puppet work


2012-2015       Central Washington University, Ellensburg Washington

Instructor of Record/ Graduate Assistant

2 Dimensional Design

3 Dimensional Design

Drawing 1


2013                Gallery One- Ellensburg, Washington

One Day Workshop- Giant Puppet Design and Build

Two Day Intensive Workshop– Sculpture in Papier Mache


2012                Gallery One- Ellensburg, Washington

Two Day Intensive Workshop- Parade Spectacle Design and Build


                        Gallery One- Ellensburg, Washington

Papier and Pints- Workshop on Papier Mache as a Fine Arts Form


2008-2010       Seattle University, Seattle, Washington

Artist in Residence/ Faculty of Record – Advanced Puppetry

Awarded residency on merit of local theatre productions. Created a 5-credit course in advanced puppetry. The course included developing concept, storyboarding, design, fabrication and performance. The class culminated in a Cabaret Performance with local professional talent in the Lee Center for the Arts.


2001-2011       Fremont Arts Council Workshop Leader- Summer Solstice Parade

6 week build every summer, including specific detailed workshops on skill building. Lightweight construction techniques for sculptural elements, giant puppets, floats, ensembles and costumes were included.


Fine Arts Exhibitions


2015    Kittitas County Juried Exhibition, Gallery One, Ellensburg, Washington, recipient of the Marnie Williams Award

Breaking the Line/MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington

            Destabilizing Dystopia, ADGSA, dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

XX XY Exhibit, Mini Solo Exhibition, Confluence Gallery, Methow Arts, Twisp, Washington

Two by Two: Small-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Biennial, Gallery of Art, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington

2014    CWU Faculty Exhibition, Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Ellensburg, Washington

Kittitas County Juried Exhibition, Gallery One, Ellensburg, Washington

May Cause Dizziness, Mid-Thesis Exhibition, Gallery 231, Ellensburg, Washington

2013    Intersections, Moses Lake Museum of Art, Moses Lake, Washington

Kittitas County Juried Exhibition, Gallery One, Ellensburg Washington

IOOF Memorial Garden Design and Scatter Garden Plinth, Public Art, IOOF Cemetery, Ellensburg Washington

SAC Juried Art Show, Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Ellensburg Washington

CWU Faculty Art Show, Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Ellensburg, Washington

2012    Gallery One Members Exhibition, Ellensburg, Washington

Upcycled Art Show, Alley Cat Gallery, Ellensburg, Washington

CWU Alumni Art Exhibition, Alley Cat Gallery, Ellensburg, Washington

Yakima River Canyon Walkway, OPR Public Arts Project, Ellensburg, Washington

We Don’t Need No Water, Installation, Darigold Building, Ellensburg, Washington


Professional Experience


2002-Present             Brian Kooser Productions, Seattle, WA

Director, Writer, Creator

Creating Installations and works of contemporary puppetry. Re-visualizing the purposes of the created object as protagonist.

2004-2011       Florabunga, Seattle Washington

Earthworks and Hard-scape designer

Designed, organized and constructed earthworks and hardscapes for Seattle homes.

1993-2005       Thistle Theatre, Seattle, WA

Performer/ Designer/ Builder

Mastered and improved in-house puppet making process and pioneered new concepts in construction, design, movement and manipulation



2018    Teaching Bears to Dance, Spectacle Performance, Gallery One, Designer, Builder, Director, Performer

            Deep Sea Mermadon, Spectacle Performance, Buskers in the Burg Arts Parade, Designer, Builder, Director, Performer

Military Parade for Our Supreme Leader, Spectacle Performance, Fremont Solstice Parade, Designer, Building Lead, Workshop Director, Performer

2017    Orange Bear, Performance, Buskers in the Burg-Parade, Event, Invitational After Event

Putti on Parade, Original spectacle performance. Float and flying puppets. Fremont Solstice Parade

That Time I Found a Baby Bird, Cabaret Performance, Skid Row Puppet Show, Collaborator, Director, Performer, Seattle Washington

2016    White Rhino, Performance, Buskers in the Burg Arts Parade

Comes The Dark, Art Ensemble for the Fremont Arts Council Summer Solstice Parade

2015    Heart Play, Cabaret performance in Portland Oregon at the Beady Little Eyes Puppet Slam and in Seattle at Skid Row Puppet Show. A performance was recorded and subtitled for Breaking the Line Exhibition. Designer, Builder, Performer.

2014    The Lonely Goatherd, Cabaret Performance, Skid Row Puppet Show, Derived work, Director, Designer, Builder, Seattle Washington

2011-2015 Buskers in the Burg Arts Parade, Parade Spectacle, Ellensburg, Washington

2012   Pearl and the Five Headed Dragon Children’s Theatre Production, Artistic Director,

Ellensburg Washington

2011    Nuclear Summer, Tacoma Free for All, Concept, Designer, Builder, Performer, Tacoma, Washington

Nuclear Summer, Seattle Zombie Walk, Seattle, Washington

Nuclear Summer, Fremont Solstice Parade, Seattle, Washington

2009    Bloody Henry, Theatre Production, Lee Center for the Arts, Playwright, Designer, Builder, Director, Seattle, Washington

2008    UFO the Puppet Show, Theatre Production, Theatre Off Jackson, Playwright, Designer, Builder, Director, Seattle Washington

2007    Dracula: A Case Study, Theatre Production, Theatre Off Jackson, Playwright, Designer, Builder, Director, Seattle Washington

2002, 2003, 2010 Frankenocchio, Theatre Production, Disjecta, Lee Center for the Arts, Empty Space Theater, Nippon Kan Theatre. Storyboard, Designer, Builder, Performer

Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon

1993-2005 All Thistle Theatre Productions, Performer, Designer, Builder

Washington, Oregon, California, Montana




Katelyn Schiller-Quantum Entanglement- Designed and built cat puppet for LA Production

Haruko NishimuraDegenerate Art Ensemble-Little Red Riding Hood-Designed and built custom form fitting wolf mask to be worn by Haruko as she transformed from Little Red to Little Black Riding Hood. Designed Cormorant Puppet for a production celebrating the Anniversary of Seattle Center

Seattle OperaThe Ring-School Outreach Program-Designed and constructed Dragon and Squirrel puppets for an elementary school outreach program.

Dave Pilkey Captain Underpants “Super Silly Streak” – Designed and built Giant Robots and Giant Babies for the Video.

Batatoon– Oporto, Portugal-Designed and built puppets and facilitated training of performers for a children’s television show



Artist Lectures


2013    Gallery One Art Talk: Buskers in the Burg Arts Parade

Lecture and power point were given detailing the community effort to create the “Buskers in the Burg” opening event.

2013    Randall Hall 117: 20 by 20

Graduate lecture including 20 slides in 20 minutes detailing my career.

2013    Source: How to Build a Parade-

A presentation on producing a spectacle event from the initial idea through clean-up.

2012    Gallery One Art Talk: Celebration Art- Parades and Festivals

Lecture and slide show on Parades, Street Performance and Festival Performance.

2008    Artist Trust Fundraising Dinner

Art Talk on producing live contemporary puppet theatre.





2017                Artist in Residence: Fremont Arts Council

                        Artisan of the Year: Ellensburg Downtown Association

2016                Artist in Residence: Fremont Arts Council, Seattle Washington

2015                Marnie Williams Award: Kittitas County Juried Art Exhibition

Central Washington University College of Arts and Humanities Outstanding Graduate Student Artistic Achievement Award

2014                Behnke Graduate Art Fellowship Grant

CH and ET Moe Graduate Art Scholarship

2013                Ellensburg Arts Commission Money for Arts

Punch Gallery Award SAC Juried Show

2012                Birkin Owarts Arts and Humanities Grant

Ellensburg Arts Commission Money for Arts

KC/ACTF scenic design– Marc Haniuk (assistant designer-Brian Kooser)

2010-2008       Seattle University Artist in Residence

2009/2007       City of Seattle Mayors Office– Individual Artists Grant

2009/2006       Artist Trust GAP Grant

2008/2007       4 Culture Individual Artists Project

2005                Jim Henson Foundation Grant

2002                Paul Allen Grant

City of Seattle Group Artist Grant

King County Arts Group Artist Grant




University Art Collection/Selection Committee- Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington

Ellensburg Downtown Association- Director of Arts Parade for “Buskers in the Burg”

Puppeteers of Puget Sound- Branch of Puppeteers of America- President-2011, Organizer and Workshop Director for Regional Festival of the Puppeteers of America- Puppet-O-Rama 2010

Fremont Arts Council- Board Member 2003-2005, member since 1993, Known best for Fremont Solstice Parade

Monkey Wrench Puppet Lab- Founding Member- Participated in Drunk Puppet Night, Created and produced Frankenocchio, Dracula: A Case Study and UFO the Puppet Show


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